Vein Services and Treatment Methods

Leg vein problems can range from non-healing leg ulcers to knots of ropey varicose veins. Vein problem symptoms include tired legs, pain, sensations of throbbing, aching, burning, cramping, itching and more.

At Cardiovascular Consultants, LLC of Citrus County, Florida, our experienced, highly skilled providers and staff are equipped with the latest technology to provide the latest advanced, minimally invasive treatment methods. Patients can expect excellent results with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

The venous system in your legs are a pipeline with many internal valves that open and close to keep blood flowing steadily toward your heart. When the valves fail to work properly, blood flow becomes sluggish, and pressure builds against the walls of your veins, causing them to bulge.

Because varicose veins near the skin can stem from abnormalities in the leg veins that are not readily visible to the eye, we use ultrasound imaging. If appropriate, we treat both problem areas. We erase the unattractive and sometimes painful surface veins. We also seal off the portions of the “feeder veins” where the valves have weakened or stopped working altogether to reduce the likelihood of re occurrence.

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Following an initial consultation and thorough examination, your provider will design a comprehensive treatment plan to fit your specific health needs. Safe, effective treatment addresses current vein damage and helps avoid recurring problems in the future.


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Cardiovascular Services, LLC performs office-based consultations and procedures to treat heavy, tired, swollen legs, varicose and spider veins. These procedures alleviate leg discomfort, diminish swelling, address cosmetic concerns and improve quality of life.

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